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Steam Turbine Compressor / Generator

Never Used

Packaged by Siemens in 2011

Steam Turbine
Machine Type: SST-600 (NK50/45)
Live Steam: 4130 kPag @ 399° C
Exhaust: 63 kPag

Three Phase Synchronous Generator  
Output: 10,256 kW

Model STCGV (40-6)
Volume Flow: 62,909 Nm³/hoc
Inlet: 0.929 Bar @ 29° C
Discharge: 423 Bar @ 100° C

This package also includes:

  • Lufkin Speed Increaser
  • Lube Oil System
  • Coolers
  • Exchangers

New, never used & under warranty
Stored in original shipping containers in Canada

For more information contact:
Colin Gunning Tel: (587) 231-0122